About Cindy

I didn't start out to do this work. Like many people who are psychic, I learned to ignore my psychic information if I didn't have solid evidence to back it up. I knew I could sense spirits and people who had died, but never knew what to do with that information. I certainly knew better than to talk about it.

In 1996, a ghost/lost soul took up residence in my home. I hired two women who were known to me as psychics, to come out to my house to send this soul to the light. I was with these women while they did their healing and guiding of this lost soul. The experience opened me up in many ways and I began learning from and working with these gifted teachers.


I took the Beginning/Foundation Class in the fall of 1996 from my teachers. This class provided the foundation I needed to remember who I was and what I came here to do. I learned about my psychic abilities and how they worked for me, and how to honor my body as I became increasingly able to work consciously with my own soul energy.

After a few years, I became interested in doing Soul Readings for people. The readings I received from my teachers were always helpful and enlightening. I thought it would be an honor (and it truly is) to be able to read someone's soul energy. As time and my learning progressed, my curiosity became a passion and I began to offer heart-centered Soul Readings to others.

Sharing with others

After a few more years, a longing grew within me to share all I have been so blessed to learn from my teachers and my experiences. I learned to teach the Beginning/Foundation Class that had changed my life years back. Teaching this class and watching my students blossom and become more of who they really are has become one of the most fulfilling things I do.

As I continue to do readings and teach I am continually blessed by the spirits who guide me. I am also continually blessed by my students and clients who enrich my life and teach me as much as I teach them.

Wishing you bright blessings and all your heart's desires,
Cindy Lehman