Soul Readings

Soul Readings are a way to communicate with your soul and receive information that can help you heal, find your purpose and live your passion. These readings are a way to honor your soul's wisdom and to light your path with your own knowing.

Reconnect with your loved ones who have passed on. Explore relationship issues. Remember who you really are, and why you are here.

All questions and concerns are addressed with healing and guidance being the ultimate goal. The focus is on what your soul wants you to know now, instead of predicting the future.

These readings are based on trust. They are private, respectful, focused.

Readings are in-person or over the phone, by appointment only. In-person Readings are held in Minneapolis, MN.

Readings last 60 minutes. Cost is $140.

Please call Cindy at 612-669-1861 to schedule or for more information.